What is a Eulogy?

A eulogy is the final tribute to the newly departed loved one delivered at the funeral or memorial service. In an earlier era, the local pastor would offer a eulogy based upon the personal relationship he had with the newly departed. Today, this is not always possible as employment, retirement, and illness often require a move from the community that was once "home."

Yet, many families would like a personalized eulogy that captures the "real essence" of the person who has departed. For nearly a decade and a half, Matthew has written eulogies for patients and families that have captured the "real essence" of a departed loved one.


Order a Personalized Eulogy  

Listen to Eulogies:

"Matthew's words were the right on the mark. He captured our Dad perfectly." -- Karen C.

"He knew us just eight weeks, but his talk provided a fitting tribute to Mom. She would have been, no she is pleased with this." -- Ronnie. M

Why order a personalized Eulogy?

  • To honor the life of a loved one
  • To personalize the tribute
  • To highlight certain accomplishments
  • To emphasize a certain virtue or talent
  • To ensure this important work to someone who will write what you want
  • To avoid an awkward situation